Together to a sustainable security culture

Together to a sustainable security culture

Define your desired target security level using our Target-ESI®and we'll take care of the rest.

The all-in-one solution: Awareness Academy

With the IT-Seal Awareness Academy, you can easily and, above all, permanently put a checkmark on the topic of security awareness. You define the desired target security level via the Employee Security Index (ESI®) and we take care of the rest.

The Awareness Academy includes:

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Over 800 customers already trust in IT-Seal

AI-supported security awareness trainings – Sponsored by DISTR@L – digitales.hessen

IT-Seal bietet IT-Security made in Germany.

Innovative and one-of-a-kind awareness technologies

Our patented and innovative technologies help you establish a sustainable security culture.

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Our core: The Awareness Engine

With IT-Seal’s award-winning Awareness Engine, you train your employees as much as necessary and as little as possible: metrics-based, group-specific, tailored to their needs.

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Measurability with ESI® and Target-ESI®

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The ESI® is a scientific benchmark to make security awareness measurable. With the help of the Target-ESI®, you define your desired target security level.

Patented Spear-Phishing-Engine

The patented Spear-Phishing-Engine is a unique technology to automatically generate company-, department- and employee-specific phishing scenarios based on publicly available information (OSINT).

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Smart platform: The Security Hub

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The Security Hub is the central learning platform for the e-training of your employees. Here, your employees can also access all the phishing emails they have received.

Focus on the status: Awareness Manager

IT-Seal’s Awareness Manager gives you comprehensive insight into your awareness training and makes security awareness visible.
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Include your globally distributed locations in the awareness training

IT-Seal Awareness Academy speaks 21 languages.

Your benefits at a glance

IT-Seal is a technology leader and innovative driver in the field of security awareness. Our technology trains your employees to recognize and defend against cyber attacks.

Target-ESI® and Awareness Engine

As much training as necessary, but as little as possible. Save working time and costs by avoiding unnecessary training of already sensitized employees.

Full service including stakeholder communication

Our service also includes stakeholder communication for employees, works council, managers and data protection officers.

Simulation of real attacks

OSINT phishing at employee & company level: acting like real attackers.

Opt-out option for employees

Allow employees to decide for themselves whether to participate in certain procedures.

Your added values through our unique selling points

IT-Seal is a technology leader and innovative driver in the field of security awareness. Our technology trains your employees to recognize and defend against cyber attacks.

Time and cost savings

Thanks to our award-winning Awareness Engine, you save compared to uniform training in a watering can - as much training as necessary and as little as possible

Full service and stakeholder communication

You do not need to deal with the management and implementation of the trainings. Thanks to our full service incl. stakeholder communication and quarterly reports, through your personal IT-Seal project manager

Effective protection against state-of-the-art cyber attacks

Thanks to our patented spear-phishing-engine including Level 3 spear phishing attacks, you are optimally protected against the most common and latest cyber attacks

Guaranteed achievement of the targeted security level

With the Target ESI® Security Guarantee from IT-Seal, we assure you that you will reach your desired target security level within 12 months. If this is not the case, we will continue to train your employees "free of charge" until the Target ESI® and therefore the desired level of security is reached!

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At the end, you will receive your personal evaluation: Which phishing emails did you recognize, and which ones did you fall for?

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