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Gemeinsam etablieren wir eine nachhaltige Sicherheitskultur in Ihrem Unternehmen.

Wir helfen Ihnen bei der Herausforderung, eine nachhaltige Sicherheitskultur in Ihrem Unternehmen zu etablieren. Wählen Sie dazu einfach das gewünschte Ziel-Sicherheitsniveau aus, indem Sie sich für ein Paket der Awareness Academy entscheiden. Anschließend trainieren wir Ihre Mitarbeiter mit Hilfe unserer innovativen Awareness-Technologien so lange, bis sie das entsprechende Ziel-Sicherheitsniveau erreicht haben: So viel Training wie nötig, aber so wenig wie möglich. Dabei stehen Mitarbeiterfreundlichkeit und Datenschutz bei uns besonders im Fokus.

A simple and effective workflow for increasing the awareness of your employees: The IT-Seal Awareness Academy.

9 out of 10 successful cyber attacks start with a phishing email and therefore also with a deceived employee. As a security manager, you are faced with the challenge of minimizing the "human" security risk. With the IT-Seal Awareness Academy, you can easily and, above all, permanently put a checkmark on the topic of security awareness. You define the desired target security level via the Employee Security Index (ESI®) and we take care of the rest.

The continuous training program includes a variety of methods to effectively reach unsensitized employees: From phishing simulations, e-learnings, short videos, online seminars and awareness materials to tips for the workplace. The result of the Awareness Academy is enlightened employees who know and accept their responsibility for the security of the company.

Our Awareness Academy explained in 2 minutes.

"The ESI® is the first and only IT security metric to make it into our corporate KPIs!"

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Permanent training in four versions

Security awareness is a continuous process – just like our awareness solutions which can be terminated monthly.

Measure once or permanently
Permanent measurement & training



Patented spear phishing simulation, so you get to know us and your security level.

  • 4-week current state analysis or continuous spear phishing simulation
  • Patented Spear-Phishing-Engine
  • Full service setup



Ziel-ESI® von 70

Inexpensive, standardized security awareness training developed by professionals.

  • Goal-ESI® of 70 as goal
  • All Lite features included
  • Awareness Engine: Training on autopilot
  • All e-trainings included



Ziel-ESI® von 70

High-quality security awareness training customized to the user.

  • Goal-ESI® of 80 as goal
  • All Basic features included
  • Online seminars included
  • Awareness material included



Ziel-ESI® von 70

The high-end solution for the best possible security in the area of security awareness

  • Goal-ESI® of 90 as goal
  • All Professional features included
  • Employee OSINT: the best phishing simulation
  • Social engineering site inspection included

All packages contain the features of the smaller packages.

Welcome aboard

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In good hands: Track the current security level and other exciting insights in the Awareness Manager, while your employees can access the e-trainings in the Security Hub easily and clearly.


Making awareness visible: Statistics and exciting insights such as our Employee Security Index await you, as do convenient service and configuration functions.


Clarification in the moment of the mistake: In the "most teachable moment" your employees are most receptive to a learning effect.


The Security Hub is a central place for the e-training of your employees. Conveniently and without their own account management, employees can find everything their information security heart desire.

Awareness features in detail

Compare our awareness programs and find the right training. We will be happy to help you. You can get more information about the features by a mouse-over.

Measure once or permanently Simulate & measure

Features Lite Basic Professional Premium
Sustainable security culture: Our common goalOur common goal is a sustainable security culture. To achieve this, we pick up all employees step by step and demonstrate the relevance in both the professional and private context. They learn the basics of cybersecurity in order to pull together - thus they know their responsibility in the workplace and assume it effectively. We support your employees according to their needs, based on key figures and groups: as much as necessary, as little as possible.
ESI® and goal-ESI® (Employee Security Index): Your benchmarkThe ESI® is a scientific benchmark to measure sicerhehits culture across industries. With the goal-ESI® choose your security level, which is the common target agreement. In the process, each group is trained based on metrics and needs. When a group reaches the goal-ESI®the training will be paused, before the ESI ® measured agan after 3 months. Groups that need more support receive more assistance through additional training. As a KPI, the ESI® compares you to other companies in the same sector and company size.




Measure once or permanently Simulate & measure

Features Lite Basic Professional Premium
Awareness Engine: Our technological heartThe Awareness Engine is our technological heart and evaluates the security behavior of your participants live. It is always active, whereby individual groups are active or paused. It decides which groups receive which training at which time based on the target ESI®.
Each participant thereby receives exactly as much training as necessary, but at the same time. as little as possible.
Full service by our awareness expertsStructured communication with stakeholders is the key to a sustainable security culture. Here, your personal awareness consultant supports you with best practices from hundreds of successful customers in setting up and maintaining your security awareness program. This Internal communication with stakeholders (employees, management, works council, staff council, etc.), (employees, management, works council or staff council, data protection officer, IT support), the configuration of the project, support with whitelisting and with test mails and material for internal announcement..
Security Hub: One-Stop-Shop for Training & CommunicationFor us to learn best, we need a convenient and consistent learning experience. The Security Hub brings your employee:s personal e-training together centrally in one place. We focus on individual learning paths, because we know how each individual learns. Employees can access their e-trainings from any location and review their own phishing scenarios. Your employees are automatically logged in via Magic Link and do not have to remember any access data. remember.
"Most teachable moment": Clarification at the right momentThe "most teachable moment" is a valuable moment from a pedagogical and didactical point of view, in order to learn particularly effectively and to inform employees about potentially harmful misconduct. potentially harmful misconduct. For example, an interactive explanation page uses the actual clicked phishing email to show what to look out for and what psychological trick was used..
Interactive e-training that is funThe IT-Seal e-training conveys to participants in an entertaining, entertaining and understandable way contents about security culture, information security and data protection in the form of e-learnings, short videos and most teachable moments.
Company certificate as proof for ISO 27001 and similar You will receive a company certificate that serves as proof for security audits (ISO27001, TISAX, BSI IT-Grundschutz, ...) and for customers. Further receive employees:inside certificates of participation.
Custom branding: Adapted to your companyAdapting the e-training, security hub, notification emails and awareness materials to your company branding strengthens the image among employees. In addition, the explanation page receives your company logo to build trust.
Individual configuration: Customized to your employeesConfigure the awareness training according to your individual ideas or add your own content: From the number of simulated emails (phishing intensity) to individual text elements in your e-trainings..
Online seminars & "Stay alert!" awareness materialIn interactive online seminars, participants are taught the basics of secure behavior in the workplace by an awareness coach. Our awareness materials include posters, flyers, webcam covers, mouse pads, writing pads, dextrose and energy drinks.
Classroom training & social engineering site visitIn classroom training, participants are taught the basics of secure behavior in the workplace in person at your site. For the social engineering site visit, we take on the role of an attacker and check how vulnerable your site is.
Phone attacks (vishing) & manipulated USB sticksWith fake phone attacks, we try to find out sensitive information or instruct payments. In doing so, we inform the affected employees directly and sensitively. The manipulated USB sticks are used as further attack vector used.

Measure once or permanently Simulate & measure

Features Lite Basic Professional Premium
Patented Spear Phishing Engine: The best phishing simulationBased on freely available information, our patented spear phishing engine generates individually customized phishing attacks (spear phishing/dynamite phishing). This is fully automated for you: Each employee tells individual scenarios at individual times.
Company OSINT: Open Source IntelligenceOur company OSINT searches your website, job portals, employer rating portals or professional social networks for individual company characteristics. The information obtained serves as the basis for company-specific spear phishing emails.
Employee OSINT: Open Source IntelligenceOur employee OSINT searches professional social networks for actionable information. In doing so, we collect information from your employees who, due to their privacy settings, disclose more information to the to the outside world. The information obtained serves as the basis for employee-specific spear phishing emails.
Spear phishing mails: Level 1-3The levels of our spear phishing mails are based on standardized divisions (the higher the level, the higher the time required by an attacker).
The automated selection of spear phishing mails is based on individual person, department, company and industry scenarios. Just like real attackers, they use potentially dangerous links, fake login pages, macros and encrypted file attachments.
Outlook Add-in: Reporter ButtonThe Reporter Button serves as a reporting tool and simplifies the reporting process for real attacks. It also provides positive feedback for detected phishing simulations.
Custom spear phishing emailsWe create phishing emails that are individually designed according to your wishes.

Measure once or permanently Simulate & measure

Features Lite Basic Professional Premium
Security and privacy by designThe focus is on employee privacy and data privacy, which is why the results of the of the phishing simulation are always evaluated on a group basis.
Our process and database structures have been created from the beginning according to the principle of "security and privacy by design"
Respectful and sensitive communicationWe have understood from the beginning that we need to pick up all employees step by step and communicate respectfully and sensitively. Together with your employees, we want to pull together and achieve the goal of a sustainable security culture.
Individual opt-out solutionsTo make processes as data protection-friendly as possible, your employees have various options to object to certain measures. This gives you the opportunity to pick up each participant individually and as desired pick up.

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