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A passion for security awareness - our founding team

We help you and your employees build a sustainable security culture.

Our social engineering expert and managing director David Kelm.

David Kelm

Customer Success,
Certified Risk Manager

David Kelm is the idea generator and the main person in charge of the implementation of the projects. David received the Best-Student-Award of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for his bachelor thesis. After a period of study abroad in Lisbon, David graduated in 2015 with the M.Sc. in Computer Science and M.Sc. in IT-Security at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. In addition, as a passionate sportsman he likes to travels with a disc in his hand, in the mountains or on water. David likes mountains.

Alex Wyllie, initiator and one of three  managing directors of IT-Seal.

Alex Wyllie

Business Development,
Marketing & Sales

Alex Wyllie is an initiator and founder with a background in natural sciences, whose organizational strengths include project coordination and innovation management. After his bachelor's degree, he was in Australia for research and study, and in 2015 he completed his studies as M.Sc. in molecular biotechnology at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. In the meantime he spent his weekends with a Scottish handball team and travelled through Europe. Alex likes Europe.

Yannic Ambach, managing director and expert for the technical development.

Yannic Ambach

Technology & Product,
Certified IT Security Officer

Yannic Ambach does the technical development and implements the necessary processes together with David. Yannic studied in the field of quantum information processing at the Technische Universität Darmstadt and completed his M.Sc. in physics at the end of 2015. His enthusiasm for IT security goes back to his youth and resulted in the foundation of the IT Security Startup. When he's not spending his nights in front of the computer, he likes to rope down and pretend to do hobbies like windsurfing. Yannic likes windsurfing.


Our mission is that IT security managers can use our easy-to-use workflow to train their employees individually and reliably so that they protect their company.

Every technology is designed to enrich people. If a person is able to use a technology, he can achieve great things.

There is often the feeling that IT security in general does the opposite: IT security systems prevent the user of being productive and users are the biggest threat to IT security.

We believe that it is time to reunite IT security with the user.

We believe that by empowering themselves, people can regain the freedom and confidence to do more with modern technology.

Wir glauben, dass jeder Mensch einen wichtigen Beitrag für die IT-Sicherheit aller leistet. Daher möchten wir beim Faktor Mensch ansetzen und so gemeinsam unsere digitale Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft sicher machen.

The protection of the employee data and company internals entrusted to us takes center stage. We treat the know-how of our customers with respect and value the time spent working with us.

IT-Seal is characterised by profound, up-to-date specialist knowledge and a scientific approach. We value clear communication.

We maintain open communication and address ideas, suggestions and problems early and clearly. In our cooperation we care for a comprehensive feedback culture. We provide our customers with a transparent risk analysis.

We see it as a strength of our start-up character to adapt our services flexibly to the needs of our customers and partners.


A summary of our history.


Start Launch of Germany's first local cyber security campaign 'Stay alert, Darmstadt!'

Darmstadt, August 2019


Best Cybersecurity Start up 2018 - Winner of the award UP18@itsa

Nuremberg, October 2018


Release of the Employee Security Index (ESI®) at CEBIT 2018 - the process is patent pending

Hannover, June 2018


2nd place as Awareness Security Initiative of the Year - Information Security Days 2018

Hannover, June 2018


Exhibition at Europe's largest IT security fair

Nuremberg, October 2017


Free phishing simulation

Darmstadt, July 2017


Exhibition stand at IT & MEDIA Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Februar 2017


Official market entry at the it-sa, Nuremberg

Nuremberg, October 2016


Top 10 Cyber Security Startup Europa

Vienna, October 2016


Start of the beta phase at CeBIT 2016

Hannover, March 2016


Winner of the Europe-wide Social Engineering Award

Brussels, February 2016


Exist Founder's Scholarship

Darmstadt, April 2016


1st place Startup Weekend - Local

Darmstadt, October 2015


Master's thesis at Technische Universität Darmstadt

Darmstadt, December 2014

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