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"Information Security in the Home Office"



with our new e-learning module 'information security in the home office'

The novel corona virus has made a mess of things: working together with business partners and colleagues in cramped rooms or open-plan offices is suddenly no longer safe. Even the way to the workplace can be a health hazard - for oneself and others.
Working from home offers a sensible solution to this problem. But how can you ensure that confidential data and information are just as secure in your home office as at your usual workplace?

In the e-learning 'information security in the home office' your employees learn how to make their home office information secure and how to protect their IT and the data traffic between their home office and their colleagues. We provide this training free of charge for selected industries.

Free of charge for selected industries

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As a responsible company, IT-Seal makes the e-learning "Information security in the home office" available to certain institutions and companies free of charge. The following sectors are taken into account:

Authorities/public administration

Energy supplier

Public transport


Utilities and disposal companies



Medical research



Food Retailers

Both models in comparison

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Available for selected industries*
E-learning: Information security in the home office
  • Divisible link for passing on
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Hosted by IT-Seal
  • Free of charge for selected industries*
For Free

* Selected industries: Authorities/public administration, public transport, energy supplier, telecommunications, utilities and disposal companies, healthcare, media, medical research, finance, insurance and food retailers

Fee required

Available for all industries
E-learning: Information security in the home office
  • Individual tracking of progress
  • E-mail reminder
  • Hosted by IT-Seal or SCORM module in your own LMS
  • Dashboard monitoring
  • Adjustment to corporate design
  • Further modules can be added

Request E-Learning

1. Enter & confirm e-mail address

Register with your business email address. You will receive a confirmation e-mail, please click on the activation link contained there to complete the registration.

2. Receive e-learning

In the case you have choosen the free version, you will receive an access that you can pass on to your employees. If you are interested in the paid version, we will be happy to contact you personally!


Our home office module informs your employees about the following topics:

The corona virus and its effects on the working world

How do I reduce the risk of infection in the home office? How do I organise my work in the home office and keep myself informed?

How do I make my home office information secure?

How do I ensure the confidentiality of company data at home?

IT security in the home office

How do I protect my hardware and software? How do I protect my data traffic? What should I avoid in during home office?


The interactive module presents the learning contents clearly and comprehensibly.


With our chargeable version you receive further advantages.

Das E-Learning von IT-Seal
The dashboard allows you a detailed monitoring
Individual tracking of progress
With individual progress tracking, employees can interrupt their e-learning at any time and resume it at the same place at a later date.
E-mail reminder
Send a reminder email to all e-learning participants whose e-learning progress is not 100% complete. This ensures that the training is not forgotten.
Internal or external LMS can be used
All our e-learning modules can be used in IT-Seal's Learning Management System, but can also be imported into your company's own LMS via SCORM module.
Dashboard monitoring
Follow the progress of your colleagues. With the dashboard, you can keep an overview and identify specific gaps.
Adjustment to corporate design
Thanks to our customization options, your employees will feel like 'at home'. Your company colours and logo can be easily integrated.
Further modules can be added
Our paid e-learning offers many more topics beyond home office security: social engineering, email security, passwords & authentication and social media.


E-Learning: Home office

Our new e-learning module "information security in the home office" helps your employees to work securely from home.

Information for employees

Our employee information about home office e-learning explains to your employees why training is important. It also contains an interactive checklist to check off.

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