Get to know IT-Seal

Get to know IT-Seal

Unsensitized employees as a security risk

Make your employees aware of their own responsibility for IT security

People in companies constitute a major security risk. IT-Seal has developed a training course that poeple become a protective shield for their company. Because instead of hacking PCs, many cyber criminals are now targeting people. For example, they send phishing e-mails which pretend to come from the boss and refer to the victim's work information (spear phishing). Often, the perpetrators want to encourage people to give out login data, transfer money or open the mail attachment, but this can result in the theft of sensitive data or the download of malware, which often causes production downtimes that last for days.

On a scientific basis, we help your employees to protect themselves against phishing attacks through spear phishing simulations, e-learning, seminars and awareness-raising campaigns - with predictable costs, verifiable effect and minimal effort. We can measure security behaviour (security awareness) with our ESI®.

Our goal is to minimize the risk of social engineering attacks for your company and establish a security culture in your company - the 'human firewall'.


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Measuring security awareness with the ESI®

What about the IT security awareness of your employees?


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All from one source

IT-Seal is your reliable full-service partner for sensitising your employees.

Phishing simulations

Our phishing simulations give your employees an impression of how cyber criminals operate. In the case of misconduct, employees are immediately informed about how they could have detected the phishing e-mail (most teachable moment).


Our e-learning modules cover a wide range of topics in a clear and concise manner, so that employees can continue their training in the area of IT security in an unbound and flexible manner. The modules are created by awareness experts and are interactive, entertaining and understandable for all target groups.

Der Report-Button erhöht den Phishing-Schutz.

Reporter Button

Use IT-Seal Reporter to clearly define the reporting chain for phishing incidents. During the phishing simulation, the employee receives direct feedback as to whether the reported e-mail was part of the awareness measure or was forwarded to IT for analysis.


All participants who successfully take part in our awareness trainings will receive a personalized certificate of participation, which can also be used as proof within the context of ISO 27001


Follow the awareness measure live on the IT-Seal dashboard. The visual presentation allows you to easily capture all data and quickly identify weaknesses. In addition, you will receive a recommended course of action with further steps to be ideally positioned for the future.


Our awareness campaigns measure and train the security awareness of your employees.


The assessment is a security awareness measurement with our "Employee Security Index" (ESI®). Here you evaluate how securely your employees detect phishing e-mails in just 4 weeks. More information.

Social engineering attacks via telephone (so-called voice phishing or vishing for short) pose a major threat. We test you by impersonating partners, managers or employees on the phone. More information.

Criminals often use USB sticks to infiltrate systems. How many USB sticks "accidentally" found on company premises are used by your employees? Take the test! More information.

The security culture analysis offers targeted recommendations for action to increase your IT security. In addition to the behaviour of your employee, we evaluate the internal security guidelines and their implementation. More information.

We check how your employees behave towards strangers and whether there are weaknesses in access security, whether we can gain access to unlocked PCs, whether we can find written down passwords or sensitive data. More information.


The Phishing Academy is a continuous and sustainable training. Your employees learn to detect social engineering attacks in their everyday work. The duration of the Academy lasts at least 6 months. More information.

With the awareness program 'Lifetime' you permanently tick off the topic of awareness. With the 'all-round carefree' package, you define the desired target security level and we take care of the rest. More information.

Our e-learning modules are versatile. They cover different topics in a clear and descriptive way, in order to train employees unbound and flexible in the area of IT security. More information.

We would be happy to visit you in your company and introduce your employees to the topics of phishing and social engineering. Together we will practice reading links and identifying dangerous content. More information.

Keep the topic of IT security present in everyday work with our awareness materials and the campaign 'Stay alert'. Our posters, notepads and mousepads constantly make employees aware of the topic of security awareness. More information.


IT-Seal stands for highest quality and innovative awareness solutions.

Spear phishing

We use free available data to create authentic and seemingly personal spear phishing mails (open source intelligence analysis) to act like real cyber criminals.


Our Employee Security Index (ESI®) is a scientific benchmark which allows to measure the degree of the security awareness. The index, for which a patent application has been filed, also supports an evaluation of awareness-raising activities.

Scientific character

Our work is based on a scientific approach. We are a spin-off of the TU-Darmstadt and use current scientific knowledge for efficient awareness campaigns and long-lasting learning effects for your employees.

Made in Germany

As a German company, we value quality and compliance with all safety standards. Our servers are located exclusively in Germany and are carefully maintained.

Friendly designed for employees

We do not want to denigrate any employees and measure the safety level exclusively on a group basis. Our data processing is carried out in compliance with GDPR and to a large extent even exceeds the legal requirements.

Awarded multiple times

IT-Seal is a multiple winner of renowned cyber security and social engineering awards. Through innovative solutions, IT-Seal regularly convinces not only its clients but also independent jurors and examination boards.


Through innovative and comprehensive awareness solutions we help employees to turn from a potential security gap into a security benefit for their company.


GDPR compliant

to protect your employees.

The protection of employees plays an essential role, which is why the results are always evaluated on a group basis. By department, hierarchy or region - you decide which groups you want to compare. We show how vulnerable individual employee groups are to phishing attacks and thus make it possible to plan further awareness measures.

The logo stands for the GDPR-compliant work of IT-Seal.

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