Measure Security Awareness:
The Assessment


Measure the company status in just four weeks.

Within 4 weeks we measure the IT security behaviour of your staff. We simulate phishing attacks in which the opening of a link or a file attachment is provoked. Each participant receives 2-3 individualized e-mails of varying degrees of difficulty. We cover the range from mass to spear phishing: Based on publicly available information about the company and its employees, we create bespoke attacks in full service.

The ESI® makes awareness standardised and comparably measurable and can also be grasped by those outside the field. Communicate to management how vulnerable individual employee groups are to phishing attacks – this makes it possible to plan further measures.

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The Employee Security Index from IT-Seal – the scientific basis for measuring security awareness


Gain an insight into the security awareness of your employees.


The group ESI® shows exactly which groups of employees need further knowledge.


The ESI® makes IT security measurable in the long term. Check and compare the effect of training measures.

Proof for ISO 27001

All employees who participate in the phishing simulation receive a personal participant certificate that can be used as proof for ISO 27001. 

The Employee Security Index shows the security awareness level of different departments.

In the field of social engineering and phishing awareness, IT-Seal has developed a scientific benchmark, the "Employee Security Index" (ESI®). Based on the current state of research and our expertise with phishing simulations in companies in a wide range of industries, we have derived tolerance values for the behaviour of employees according to social engineering attacks.

GDPR compliant

to protect your employees.

Employee protection plays an essential role, which is why the results are always evaluated on a group basis. By department, hierarchy or region – you decide which groups you want to compare. We show how vulnerable the individual employee groups are to phishing attacks and thus make further awareness measures plannable.

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