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Security Awareness

The e-mail absence note as a threat for IT security

Reading time: 2 Who doesn't know them - e-mails from business partners with the information that the counterpart is unresponsive at the moment, frequently with the indication from when to when, and to whom one can someone turn instead. In itself a helpful tool for both sides - but is it really wise to set up such an absence note?

Security Awareness

Security awareness trainings: 5 must-haves for your success

Reading time: 4 The goal of security awareness measures is to support employess of a company in defending themselves against cyber attacks such as phishing attacks. This includes various training and education measures aimed at sensitizing users to topics related to the security of IT systems and providing basic knowledge.

Press releases

Information security in the home office: free support for employees

Reading time: 2 In numerous companies work has been transferred to home. Many people have already noticed that there’s more to working from home than just plugging your laptop in. In the home office, too, data protection measures and IT security rules must be applied.

Security Awareness

Working from home – a guide for IT security officers

Reading time: 3 Home office has been a topic for years, which many employees wish to do in order to be able to work flexibly. For this reason, some companies and public authorities have already set up a technical infrastructure for this and let their employees work from home. But what do you need to pay attention to in terms of IT security? We enlighten!


Emotet – How can I protect myself?

Reading time: 2 December is another busy month: The Trojan Emotet causes a stir in Germany and paralyses numerous companies. The criminals use phishing e-mails to do this, equipping them with information about the recipient that they have collected automatically in advance. The attacks often appear very credible.

Press releases

Federal Ministry supports Darmstadt Cyber Security Start-up

Reading time: 4 Förderung für Awareness-Programm „Lifetime“ vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung Darmstadt, 7. Januar 2020 – Das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) unterstützt mit dem Förderprogramm „StartUpSecure“ ausgewählte Gründungsprojekte, um