Phishing Academy: awareness training with a system


Detect phishing and social engineering attacks in daily work.

We continuously and sustainably train your employees in their everyday work. Over a period of 6 months we send 2-3 individual phishing emails per month to each participant. In doing so, we rely on the "Teachable Moment". If an employee opens risky content, he or she is redirected to the IT-Seal explanation page. There, the example of the e-mail just opened is used to explain how you could have exposed it as a phishing attack. The level of difficulty increases at your own pace.

How much information do your employees and your company disclose on the Internet? IT-Seal answers this question with its attack-potential-analysis. We use the information found to simulate spear phishing attacks and also provide you with a risk assessment.

Our unique employee security index

forms a scientific basis for measurability & transparency.



Your employees will learn how to reliably recognize phishing e-mails in their daily work using individual scenarios. The level of difficulty increases for everyone at their own pace.

Full service

You name the participating employees - we will take care of the rest. We focus on employee and data protection.

dashboard control & transparency

Follow the awareness measures live on the IT-Seal Dashboard.

IT-Seal has developed the "Employee Security Index" (ESI®) as a benchmark for social engineering and phishing awareness. Based on the current state of research and our experience with phishing simulations in companies in a wide range of industries, we have derived tolerance values for the behaviour of employees towards social engineering attacks.

GDPR compliant

to protect your employees.

Employee protection is at the core of a successful awareness campaign, which is why the results are always evaluated on a group basis. By department, hierarchy or region - you decide which groups you want to compare. We show how vulnerable individual employee groups are to phishing attacks and thereby make it possible to plan further measures.

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