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Our learning modules are versatile. They cover different topics in a clear and descriptive way, in order to provide employees with unrestricted and flexible training in the area of IT security. From the tricks of the social engineers and vivid examples of real security incidents to know-how that can be applied in professional and private life - always with the "human factor" in focus. Interactive, entertaining and understandable for all target groups.

Monitoring also plays a central role for us. In the learning management system (LMS) the course can be managed and the learning progress can be viewed. All participants who successfully complete their designated e-learning modules receive a personalized certificate of participation, which can be used as proof within the framework of ISO 27001.  In addition, you can choose whether the e-learning should be conveniently made available in our in-house learning management system or whether the content should be dynamically entered into your company's LMS. All e-learning modules are available in German, English and French. Other languages by arrangement.

E-learning certificate ISO 27001

The participants receive personal certificates for completing the respective e-learning modules and training courses.



IN your LMS

  • You and your employees use your familiar system
  • Delivered as SCORM-Modul
  • Easy customization (CI, logo) possible
  • Freely configurable combination of modules
  • User-based license model, 1 year term

In our lms

  • Use the IT-Seal LMS comfortably: We take care of roll-out and reminders - you can view the learning progress at any time
  • Support during installation
  • Easy customization (CI, logo) possible
  • Freely configurable module composition
  • User-based license model, 1 year term

Our e-learning modules

Do you have a favourite subject? Contact us, we always expand our learning content with current topics.

Eine Einführung in das Thema IT-Sicherheit

IT and me: Introduction

  • What role does the user play in IT security?
  • What can consequences of
    cyber attacks be?
  • Who attacks – and why me?
Erfahren Sie, wie Sie sich vor Social-Engineering-Attacken schützen können

Social engineering

  • How does a social engineering attack work?
  • What tricks do attackers use to outwit employees?
  • How can I protect myself from social engineering?
Phishing-Schutz anschaulich erklärt

Email security

  • What is phishing? Explanation based on prominent examples
  • How do I recognize the destination of a link?
  • Which file attachments are
Die Thematik der Passwortsicherheit wird ihnen näher gebracht

Passwords and authentication

  • What does (two-factor) authentication mean?
  • What makes a strong password and which passwords should I avoid?
  • Which tools can help me
    to use strong passwords?
Welche Probleme könnten Soziale Medien in Zusammenhang mit der IT-Sicherheit Ihres Unternehmens hervorrufen?

Social media

  • What are the risks of social media for employees?
  • What information is very
    interesting for criminals?
  • How do I protect my data from cyber criminals?
Ihre Mitarbeiter lernen wichtige Grundlagen zum Thema Vishing kennen, um dadurch ihre Security Awareness zu verbessern


  • What is vishing?
  • How do cyber criminals handle their phone calls?
  • How can I protect myself from vishing attacks?
IT-Sicherheits-Check im Homeoffice


  • How do I ensure the confidentiality of company data?
  • How do I protect data traffic, hardware and software?
  • What should I avoid in the home office?
Datenschutz ist nicht mehr wegzudenken, auch für Unternehmensmitarbeiter

Privacy policy

  • How does the GDPR protect our personal data?
  • When is data at risk and what can happen to it?
  • What should you do if the data loss has occurred?


Do you want to make sure that your employees have really internalized the information security issues? Put their knowledge to the test with quizzes. In various tasks, participants are challenged to test their knowledge and apply their skills in typical (work) situations.

The advantages
  • As a participant you gain insight into your level of knowledge and can proactively close gaps.
  • As the person in charge, you get an overview of the knowledge in the company and can identify and deduce the training needs of your colleagues and employees.

The quizzes are based on a comprehensive task pool from which random questions on one or more topics are drawn. An answer based on memorized patterns is therefore impossible. Different quiz formats (e.g. single-choice, multiple-choice, assignment tasks) challenge the participants and ensure fun and variety during the work.

In a final evaluation, the participants receive information about their performance: They find out whether they have successfully completed the quiz or in which areas they should continue their training. The quizzes can be repeated as often as desired. This minimizes fears of failure and increases motivation to learn, improve and complete the quiz with the optimal score. The quizzes are ideally suited as a basis for (optional) certification of the participants.

Auswertung Quiz

You can use the employee quiz to find out more

Our short videos (german)

Mitarbeitern zeigen, wie man Emotet-Angriffe verhindert

Dangerous macros: Emotet and the macrovirus pandemic

  • What are macro viruses and how do they reach me?
  • Welche Gefahr geht durch Emotet aus?
  • Wie kann ich mich vor Makroviren schützen?
Phishing-Angriffe erkennen: Darauf müssen Ihre Mitarbeiter achten

Do not bite: Login pages as a tantalizing bait

  • What danger is posed by fake login pages?
  • How can I protect myself?
  • How can I tell if the login page comes from a valid source?
Security Awareness Video

Be a role model! Setting an example of information security as a manager

  • Why does information security not only concern IT experts?
  • What is my role as a leader?
  • How can information security become part of the corporate culture?
Wir nehmen gerne Ihre Wünsche entgegen um dien perfekte Security-Awareness-Kampagne zu erstellen
The topics are constantly being expanded. If you still miss a particular video or have a topic request, let us know!

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E-Learning: Home office

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Security Awareness-Schild
Security Awareness-Schild
Security Awareness-Schild

Trainings created by security awareness experts, based on many years of experience with training and workshops.

Relevant and implementable: The learning content is immediately applicable in daily life.

Content coordinated with each other and can be integrated with phishing simulation suitable for everyday use.

Die IT-Seal GmbH bietet E-Learnings rund um Social Engineering.

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