IT-Seal publishes Awareness Academy for a sustainable security culture

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IT-Seal provides IT security managers a new tool to train their employees and establish a sustainable security culture: The Awareness Academy.

New product portfolio: IT-Seal GmbH publishes the Awareness Academy inclusive Awareness Engine for a sustainable security culture

Die IT-Seal GmbH gilt deutschlandweit als eine der ersten Adressen für nachhaltige Sicherheitskultur und Security-Awareness-Trainings. Im Zuge des neuen Produktportfolios veröffentlichen die Darmstädter ihre innovative Awareness Engine, die das Training im Autopiloten steuert, sodass Unternehmen ihr eigen definiertes Sicherheitsniveauziel garantiert erreichen. Durch die Multi-Channel-Strategie werden Unternehmensabteilungen bedarfsgerecht und kennzahlenbasiert trainiert. „Statt das Sicherheitsverhalten wie bisher mit der Gießkanne zu schulen, können IT-Sicherheitsverantwortliche mit dem einfach anwendbaren Workflow der Awareness Academy ihre Mitarbeiter individuell und kontinuierlich trainieren, sodass sie ihr Unternehmen schützen“, erklärt CEO David Kelm.

In contrast to conventional awareness campaigns, IT-Seal's full-service approach involves using various training methods to achieve the desired goal level, while the security officers can lean back and relax. In addition to the Awareness Engine, the patented spear phishing engine for the creation of fully automated spear phishing mails on the basis of publicly accessible data (OSINT) and the patent-pending Employee Security Index (ESI®) are also used to standardize and scientifically measure the current security level of employees.

After determining the current security level and defining the goal-ESI®, the employees are trained in full service in the Awareness Academy. Here, the IT-Seal Awareness Engine is used for training in the autopilot: This means the lowest possible effort on the customer side with complete transparency about the awareness progress in the company. On the other hand, the innovative training approach ensures that employees are trained according to their needs: As much as necessary and as little as possible with increasing difficulty. The continuous training program consists of a variety of effective methods, which are put together in modules. With the Awareness Academy, security officers have a full-service solution at hand to sensitize employees in the long term and prevent misconduct and security incidents.

The Awareness Academy represents a simple and reliable workflow for the customer side, which is geared towards achieving the individual target ESI®. Customers can choose from four different awareness packages, each with increasing target ESI®. Like security awareness itself, the Awareness Academy is a continuous process. With the awareness packages, which can be cancelled monthly, IT-Seal customers still remain flexible.

Learn more about the innovative Awareness Academy on our the website

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About IT-Seal

IT-Seal GmbH is one of the most successful German cyber security start-ups specializing in sustainable security culture and security awareness training. With the patented spear phishing engine and the scientific, patent-pending "Employee Security Index", the security culture can be measured and benchmarked across industries.

For its work, IT-Seal has already been awarded as the "best cybersecurity start-up from D/A/CH" at the it-sa trade fair. In addition, the Darmstadt-based company took the first place in the Europe-wide social engineering competition of the TREsPASS Project. Furthermore, it was among the "Top 10 of the best cyber security start-ups in Europe" in the SBA Research Competition. As an university spin-off of the TU Darmstadt, IT-Seal works with the latest insights from applied research and collaborates with the national research center for applied cyber security (ATHENE).

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