IT-Seal GmbH patents Spear-Phishing-Engine

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Patented: Spear-Phishing-Engine for automated sending of spear phishing simulations based on OSINT information and attack potential analysis.

IT-Seal GmbH patents Spear-Phishing-Engine for automated sending of spear phishing simulations based on OSINT information

IT-Seal GmbH is regarded throughout Germany as one of the top addresses for sustainable security culture and innovative awareness technologies. With the now patented Spear-Phishing-Engine, they have achieved a breakthrough in the automated creation of spear phishing- e-mails based on publicly accessible data. The algorithm collects information from social media to obtain a comprehensive picture of the target person (open source intelligence) and creates personalized and targeted spear phishing e-mails. "Real cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated in times of EMOTET and Sodinokibi. Our patented Spear-Phishing-Engine takes attack simulations to the next level for security awareness training purposes. IT security managers can now prepare their employees individually and reliably for current attacks so that they can protect their company," emphasizes CEO David Kelm.

Instead of mass phishing emails that are easier to identify, many attackers today rely on spear phishing attacks. For this purpose, the victims are first spied on based on publicly accessible sources. This type of espionage is called Open Source Intelligence, OSINT for short. This OSINT information is used for spear phishing mails, which are individually tailored to the recipient and much more difficult to identify than phishing.

Conversely, this means that companies should no longer use mass phishing simulations to train their employees to reliably detect attacks. They must use the same sophistication in awareness training as actual attackers. To this end, IT-Seal has brought a new product to the market of awareness technologies and has now patented it: The Spear Phishing Engine. The algorithm developed by the Darmstadt company first independently collects publicly available information. This can be used for an OSINT-based attack potential analysis to determine how threatened a company is by publicly accessible information on social media. Above all, the Spear-Phishing-Engine can create authentic, OSINT-based Spear-Phishing-Mails. Thus, realistic attack scenarios are mapped and employees are effectively prepared for actual attacks. By sensitizing employees, companies can build a human firewall and sustainable security culture in the long run. This ensures the protection of the company and encourages employees to actively participate in this.

IT-Seal has patented its innovative Spear-Phishing-Engine. More information about the patent "LU101105B1 Method for the automated creation of a phishing document addressed to a given person“ finden Sie hier

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About IT-Seal

IT-Seal GmbH is regarded as one of the most successful German cyber security start-ups specializing in sustainable security culture and security awareness training. With the patented spear phishing engine and the scientific, patent-pending "Employee Security Index", the security culture can be measured and benchmarked across industries.

For its work, IT-Seal has already been awarded as the "best cybersecurity start-up from D/A/CH" at the it-sa trade fair. In addition, the Darmstadt-based company took the first place in the Europe-wide social engineering competition of the TREsPASS Project. Furthermore, it was among the "Top 10 of the best cyber security start-ups in Europe" in the SBA Research Competition. As an university spin-off of the TU Darmstadt, IT-Seal works with the latest insights from applied research and collaborates with the national research center for applied cyber security (ATHENE).

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