IT-Seal donates to four social projects for Christmas

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Last December there was no classic Christmas present for the customers of IT-Seal, but a fundraiser!

A special Christmas present: The Darmstadt-based startup IT-Seal donates to four social projects for Christmas and involves its customers in the process.

IT-Seal GmbH is regarded throughout Germany as one of the top addresses for sustainable security culture and innovative awareness technologies. But it is not only information security that is close to IT-Seal's heart; social commitment is also important to the Darmstadt-based company. Therefore, there was no classic Christmas present for the customers last December, but a donation campaign!

Everyone knows the standard Christmas gifts that you receive from business partners at Christmas: printed cups, advent calendars or office supplies. There is nothing wrong with them, they are often functionally chosen and people are always (usually) happy about gifts. But in 2020, everything was different than usual and the Christmas season was no exception. The Darmstadt-based company IT-Seal therefore wanted to focus on the positive again: Many have become more aware than ever that everyone is part of a large community and that challenges can only be overcome together.

But social projects and institutions suffered particularly from the crisis in 2020. Lost income and a reduced willingness to donate were just two of the factors causing concern. IT-Seal therefore decided to give its customers an unusual Christmas present: A fundraising campaign in which customers themselves had the choice of where their donation made by IT-Seal should go. There were four projects to choose from, each with a different focus, and customers were able to vote for each of them. The total donation of 1,500€ was then divided proportionally among the projects and handed over.

The choice, however, was not easy: between the seal sanctuary in Norddeich, which raises orphaned young animals and releases them into the wild, the hospice Bärenherz for children with life-shortening illnesses, the initiative #coronakünstlerhilfe, which supports artists affected by the pandemic, to the protection of the tropical rainforest through the Tropical Forest Foundation Oro Verde, customers could choose.

The high number of participants who cast a vote in favor of a social institution of their choice shows IT-Seal that they hit a nerve with this special Christmas gift. The distribution of votes was also eagerly awaited: A total of 13% of participants voted for the seal sanctuary in the German North Sea, 17% gave their vote to the protection of the tropical rainforest, 20% of participants supported the Deutsche Künstlerhilfe with their vote and by far the most votes, exactly 50%, went to the children's hospice Bärenherz.

Thus 195€ went to the seal sanctuary, 255€ to the tropical forest foundation, 300€ to the artists' aid and 750€ to the children's hospice!

The donation amounts have already been handed over to the recipients and support the projects and institutions in their important work. Thus, IT-Seal's Christmas gift has fulfilled its purpose of ending 2020 on a positive note together with its customers.

Learn more about IT-Seal at For individuals, IT-Seal's Stay Alert campaign offers free IT security training that educates citizens about the dangers of social engineering and phishing:

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About IT-Seal

IT-Seal GmbH is regarded as one of the most successful German cyber security start-ups specializing in sustainable security culture and security awareness training. With the patented spear phishing engine and the scientific, patent-pending "Employee Security Index", the security culture can be measured and benchmarked across industries.

For its work, IT-Seal has already been awarded as the "best cybersecurity start-up from D/A/CH" at the it-sa trade fair. In addition, the Darmstadt-based company took the first place in the Europe-wide social engineering competition of the TREsPASS Project. Furthermore, it was among the "Top 10 of the best cyber security start-ups in Europe" in the SBA Research Competition. As an university spin-off of the TU Darmstadt, IT-Seal works with the latest insights from applied research and collaborates with the national research center for applied cyber security (ATHENE).

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