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In numerous companies work has been transferred to home. Many people have already noticed that there’s more to working from home than just plugging your laptop in. In the home office, too, data protection measures and IT security rules must be applied.

Information security in the home office: IT-Seal GmbH and SECUTAIN publish free solutions for employees

IT-Seal GmbH and SECUTAIN (Etomer GmbH) have published an e-learning "Information Security in the Home Office" as well as a free online seminar and a free checklist for IT security officers. The e-learning is available free of charge for system-relevant industries such as healthcare or energy supply:

Even in times of Corona, cyber criminals do not shut down their activities. They even become more creative and adapt their phishing emails, which are often used to smuggle malware into the network, to the Corona theme. They are also aware that corporate IT departments have only limited influence on security measures in the home office.

Their potential victims, in turn, are in an unfamiliar working environment for an indefinite period of time and have to keep cool. The presence of other people in the household, hastily set up IT infrastructure, the temptation of private browsing and private obligations, which can interfere with everyday work, all contribute to an increased IT security risk. And other colleagues are not nearby and can not easily be asked for advice when the screen shows a suspicious email. And despite these aggravating factors, it is to be expected in the long term that, beyond the current situation, the possibility of having a home office will become a permanent feature of everyday life in many companies.

IT-Seal GmbH and Etomer GmbH publish e-learning, online seminar and checklist on the topic 'working from home' (right now available in German only)

IT-Seal GmbH and Etomer GmbH's SECUTAIN brand jointly publish an online training course which IT security officers can use to train their employees on how to handle company data securely in the home office. The e-learning contains lessons about maintaining information security in the private environment as well as about the pitfalls of using IT infrastructure. Participants will also be trained in the secure handling of files and documents in the home environment.

In addition, a free checklist and a free online seminar are available to help IT security officers dealing with the topic “work from home”. The three new products from IT-Seal can be found under the following link:

Home office online training free of charge for systemically relevant professional groups

During corona crisis IT-Seal and SECUTAIN would like to thank and especially support employees who are involved in the maintenance of critical infrastructures. Thus, e-learning is available free of charge to the following systemically relevant industries: Authorities/public administration, public transport, energy supplier, telecommunications, supply and disposal companies, health care, media, medical research, finance, insurance and food retailers.

Interested parties from other industries can also request a full free-trial version under the following link:

Security training for working from home 

The Darmstadt start-up IT-Seal GmbH and SECUTAIN the brand of the Berlin IT consulting firm Etomer GmbH have both dedicated themselves to the 'human factor' in corporate information security. In order to provide employees and IT security officers with a practical tool for moving into the home office as securely as possible, the security awareness experts are pooling their resources and know-how.

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About IT-Seal
IT-Seal GmbH is a successful cyber security start-up that specialises in the defence against social engineering attacks by increasing the security awareness of users. With the patent-pending 'Employee Security Index' the awareness can be measured and benchmarked across industries. For its work, IT-Seal has already been awarded the title of best 'Cybersecurity start-up from D/A/CH' at the it-sa trade fair. In addition, the Darmstadt company got the first place in the Europe-wide social engineering competition of the TREsPASS Project. Furthermore, it was ranked among the 'Top 10 of the best cyber security start-ups in Europe' in the SBA Research Competition. David Kelm, one of the three managers of the start-up, is the winner of the Best Student Award of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

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