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Unsere drei Broschüren “Insights”, “Portfolio” und “Partnermodelle” stellen unsere Technologie, Awareness solutions Kooperationsmöglichkeiten vor. Darüber hinaus bieten wir Ihnen hier kompakte OnePager zu unterschiedlichen Themen an und publizieren White Papers, damit Sie sachlich fundierte Erkenntnisse über unsere Technologie gewinnen können.

To access our publications, all you have to do is to fill out the appropriate form. We will send you then the requested materials as soon as possible!

We offer different publications for our security awareness solutions.

brochures (german)


In our portfolio you will find the most important information about our security awareness solutions.

Our brochure 'Portfolio' offers you a comprehensive overview of our products and additional services.


Our partner brochure for joint IT security cooperation

For our potential partners and resellers we offer the brochure 'Partner Models', in which you will find all cooperation models.


In the Insights brochure you will find the most important information on the technical implementation of our security awareness solutions.

Additional information about our technology and approach can be found in the brochure 'Insights'.



Our onepager about our phishing simulation

The OnePager for phishing simulation contains everything you need to know about the employee training process. Compact and easy to understand.

E-Learning: It and I

Our onepager to our security awareness e-learning

If you would like to learn more about our e-learning offer, you are welcome to browse the twopager. Get to know our training modules!

E-Learning: Home office

Our onepager about 'information security in the home office'

Our new e-learning module 'information security in the home office' supports your employees in working securely from home.

Information for employees

Our onepager about 'home office e-learning'

Unsere Mitarbeiterinformation zum Homeoffice-E-Learning zeigt Ihren Mitarbeitern, warum das Training wichtig ist. Zudem enthält sie eine interaktive Checkliste zum abhaken.



Our whitepaper about the Employee Security Index

The whitepaper about our in-house developed Employee Security Index (ESI®) informs you scientifically and factually about the advantages of our benchmark.


Our whitepaper about 'information security in the home office' and phishing.

Many dangers and security gaps lurk in the home office. Our white paper explains the risks and gives you valuable tips for a secure home office.