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Für viele Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter ist die Arbeit von Zuhause aus spätestens durch die bundesweite Notbremse zur Normalität geworden – doch wie sieht es mit der Informationssicherheit im Homeoffice aus? Neu: IT-Seal bietet allen Branchen ein kostenloses E-Learning zu Informationssicherheit im Homeoffice, um Mitarbeiter so gut wie möglich für die Cybergefahren, die bei der Arbeit von Zuhause aus lauern, zu wappnen.

Information security in the home office: Free e-learning for companies and institutions in all industries

Darmstadt, 27th of April 2021 – For many employees, working from home has become the norm – but what about information security in the home office? Especially in the home office, data privacy and IT security rules must be observed in order to protect oneself and the employer from cyber attacks. IT-Seal GmbH therefore now offers all companies and institutions a free e-learning on the topic of "information security in the home office", which they can use to train their workforce. The free e-learning is available at

Cyber criminals like to use current events to increase their attack potential. This is nothing new in the age of Corona. Above all, the widespread home office that many are currently in is creating vulnerabilities for companies and other organizations. Examples here include the adaptation of attack strategies for phishing e-mails to Corona themes, which are often used to infiltrate malware into the network. In addition, cybercriminals are aware that corporate IT departments have only limited influence on security measures in the home office.

Their potential victims - the employees - continue to face multiple challenges in the home office for an indefinite period of time: Other people in the household, hastily set up IT infrastructures, the temptation of private surfing, and private commitments that can intermingle with the workday all contribute to an increased IT security risk. Colleagues are also not as easy to question when a suspicious email lands in their inbox. And despite these complicating factors, it is to be expected that, beyond the current situation, the option of working from home will become a permanent fixture in the everyday lives of many companies in the long term.

IT-Seal GmbH offers free e-learning on the subject of home office security
IT-Seal GmbH would like to give companies and institutions a helping hand in these uncertain times and help them to sensitize their workforce to the dangers in the home office. For this reason, it is now making an e-learning course on the topic of "information security in the home office" available free of charge for all industries.

Topics covered in this e-learning include the areas of "risks at the workplace at home“, „How do I make my home office information secure?“ and „IT security in the home office". The aim is to train employees to handle company data securely in the home office.

In addition, a free home office checklist and a free online seminar are available to help IT security officers learn more about the home office. Those three subjects can be found at the following link:

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About IT-Seal

IT-Seal GmbH is regarded as one of the most successful German cyber security start-up specializing in sustainable security culture and security awareness training. With the patented spear phishing engine and the scientific, patent-pending "Employee Security Index", the security culture can be measured and benchmarked across industries.

IT-Seal has already received an award for its work at the it-sa trade fair as "best cybersecurity startup from D/A/CH". In addition, the Darmstadt-based company took 1st place in the Europe-wide social engineering competition of the TREsPASS Project. Furthermore, it landed among the "Top 10 Best Cyber Security Startups in Europe" at the SBA Research Competition. As a university spin-off of TU Darmstadt, IT-Seal works with the latest insights from applied research and collaborates with the national research center for applied cyber security (ATHENE).

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