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Our cybersecurity blog keeps you up to date on the topics of phishing, social engineering and awareness and informs you about innovative solutions in the field of IT security.


Die erfolgreichsten Social-Engineering-Angriffe der Corona-Krise 2020

Reading time: 3 Cyberkriminelle nutzen jedes aktuelle Ereignis, um ihr Angriffspotenzial zu steigern. Gerade wenn die Not der Menschen am größten ist, wittern profitorientierte Kriminelle ihre Chance. Die Dreistigkeit, die Cyberkriminelle während der Pandemie bisher an den Tag gelegt haben, zeigt ein neues Maß an Skrupellosigkeit.

Security Awareness

With the Awareness Academy to a sustainable security culture

Reading time: 3 Many IT security managers still face the challenge of sensitizing employees and colleagues to information security issues and thus avoiding misconduct and potential security incidents. But how can a sustainable security culture be established in the company?

Awareness kommunizieren - doch wie wird das gemacht?
Security Awareness

How should one communicate a security awareness campaign?

Reading time: 3 Today, employees are an important factor in information security and require appropriate training. But how do you communicate training measures and security awareness campaigns that could be critically evaluated at first glance because of employee privacy?


Life cycle of a cyber attack

Reading time: 5 To get protected against cyber attacks, it is essential to know how attackers proceed. Using the Cyber Kill Chain® designed by Lockheed-Martin1 , we can understand what methods cyber criminals use to smuggle malware into the company.

Security Awareness

Video conferencing tools – what is a blessing to one is a curse to another

Reading time: 4 During the pandemic with the new type of a corona virus, many companies sent their employees to work from home or ordered so-called mobile working. Now that the initial escape from the office has subsided, many companies want to enable their employees to continue working from home. But which tool is the right one?