Demo and Phishing-Simulation from IT-Seal

You made it!

Now you're ready to go!

You will shortly receive your access data to the demo environment by e-mail.

With the demo from the Awareness Manager you get access to a demo project that shows a typical course of our awareness trainings.

In the Security Hub, you can get an impression of our user portal on the topic of information security. Your employees will use this later to access assigned learning content and to view individual phishing emails retrospectively.

If the option was requested, your phishing simulation registration is also enrolled and is currently being processed. In the next 2 weeks you will receive 4 spear phishing emails from IT-Seal. But don’t worry: If you “fall for” a spear phishing email from us, you will be taken to an entertaining explanation page that explains in detail by which features you could have recognized the phishing email.

If you want to find out in advance how to recognize a spear phishing e-mail, you can find a suitable e-learning in the Security Hub. Take a look right now!

Note: If you do not receive any e-mails from us, please also check your spam folder and contact us by phone at +49 6151 – 86 27 000 or by E-Mail at

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