Awareness Technology

Awareness training on or off: The engine decides independently when training is required.
The Awareness Engine automatically rests when the security level is appropriate.

IT-Seal Awareness Engine

Training according to needs. Fully automated.

The IT-Seal Awareness Engine forms the technological heart of your Awareness Academy in the auto pilot. It evaluates the security behaviour of your participants live and decides based on that which groups of participants will receive further training and to what extent. Each participant thus receives exactly as much training as necessary, but at the same time as little as possible.

Employee Security Index (ESI®)

The ESI® makes awareness measurable.

The ESI® is a security awareness indicator and makes the IT security awareness of your employees measurable. It was scientifically developed and offers a high comparability and reliability due to its standardization. Compare not only your departments with each other, but also your entire company with other companies in the same industry. Even before-and-after measurements are no problem to evaluate the success of awareness measures. More information about ESI®.


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OSINT analysis as attack potential analysis and basis for spear phishing mails

PATENTED Spear-Phishing-Engine

Evaluate publicly accessible data of your employees and use it for real spear phishing.

Today's phishing emails are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In preparation for spear phishing attacks, attackers collect information from publicly available sources to obtain a comprehensive picture of the target person (Open Source Intelligence, OSINT for short). The patented IT-Seal Spear Phishing engine allows spear phishing e-mails to be sent at various levels of difficulty and based on OSINT information. Like a real attacker, we use the collected data to make our social engineering simulation even more accurate. Alternatively, we can automatically simulate targeted attacks without OSINT by providing less information (department, position).


Micro and nano learnings for your employees centralized in one place.

The Security Hub consolidates the personal learning content of your employees centrally and conveniently in one place. Your employees simply log into the Security Hub with their account and get access to their assigned e-learnings and other learning content: for example, short videos and employee assessments. In addition, your employees also receive the learning units in their mailbox without any complications.

The Security Hub helps your employees to access the training.

Clear and easy to understand key figures offer you live insights.

Awareness Manager

Real-time monitoring of your security level in the dashboard.

Get a live overview of the status of your awareness campaigns and the current security level in the Awareness Manager at any time. The results can be viewed project-wide and on a group basis. You can also see how many links and file attachments were opened and which ESI® resulted from this. You can also view the concrete phishing scenarios sent out, including the success rate and the employee progress for the e-learnings sent out.


Increasing levels of difficulty without frustration.

Our phishing simulation starts with simple scenarios and increases individually - with a successful defense of the employee up to more and more complex spear phishing mails. In this way, we avoid both demotivated employees who experience one unsuccessful frustration experience after another and security fatigue: Employees are given just the right degree of difficulty between boredom and excessive demands.

E-Learning IT-Seal

Happy employees through adapted difficulty levels

Individual explanatory page

Education obtained in the "most teachable moment".

If an employee opens a risky link or file attachment or enters login data on fake pages, he or she is redirected to the IT-Seal explanation page. The exact example of the e-mail just opened shows how the employee could have recognized the phishing attempt. In this moment of misconduct, the employee is particularly receptive to a sustained explanation: the so-called "most teachable moment" can fully develop its learning effect. Also frequently used psychological tricks (curiosity, fear, habit, ...) are pointed out.

Outlook reporter-add-in

Simplify reporting processes and give employees feedback.

Your employees can report suspicious e-mails with one click via a button in Outlook. If the e-mail is part of the IT-Seal phishing simulation, they receive positive feedback directly and the e-mail is moved to the spam folder. If it does not originate from IT-Seal, it is automatically forwarded as an attachment to the internal IT support for analysis (the target address can be defined here by the customer). The employee receives feedback that the e-mail is being examined and IT Support will contact him. This minimizes the internal effort that our simulated phishing emails cause - in line with our full-service approach. In addition, this workflow clearly defines the reporting chain for real phishing incidents and makes it employee-friendly.

Der Report-Button erhöht den Phishing-Schutz.

The add-in is available for Outlook 2016 and Outlook 365.

Use the certificates as proof for your ISO reporting.

ISO27001-compliant reporting

Individual certificates for your employees and your company.

All participants who successfully complete their designated e-learning modules and phishing simulations will receive a personalized certificate of participation, which can be used as proof within the framework of ISO 27001. The company itself will also receive a valid certificate of the measures taken to provide a proof.

Internationally available

Train your employees worldwide.

Our awareness trainings are available in many different languages and are regularly expanded. Train not only your German-speaking employees, but also employees at worldwide locations with different languages. Security Awareness knows no borders!

Awareness training in German
Awareness training in English
Awareness training in French

Others by arrangement.

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