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Tick permanently off the awareness issue with our cyber security flat rate. You define the security level which you want to achieve and maintain - we take care of the implementation. With the Employee Security Index (ESI®) as a control instrument, we continuously check the security awareness of your employees on a group basis.

In addition to the services provided by the Phishing Academy, we use various training measures as required: Next to 'learning by doing', we train your employees through e-learning, on-site training, short videos or awareness materials. We cover the topic of awareness comprehensively, for example with content on mobile devices, GDPR or telephone phishing.

IT-Seal and the 'Lifetime' Awareness Program won the prize for Germany's Best Cybersecurity Start-up in 2018 in the UP18@itsa competition.

'Lifetime' is funded by

Our unique employee security index

forms a scientific basis for measurability & transparency.


Full service

You define your target ESI® - we take care of the rest.


We flexibly align our service package to your desired awareness concepts.

Up to date

We actively apply current knowledge - whether new threats or research results, with us you are always up to date.

IT-Seal has developed a benchmark, the 'Employee Security Index' (ESI®), in the area of social engineering and phishing awareness. Based on the current state of research and our experience with phishing simulations in companies in a wide range of industries, we have derived tolerance values for the behaviour of employees towards social engineering attacks.

GDPR compliant

to protect your employees.

Employee protection is at the core of a successful awareness campaign, which is why the results are always evaluated on a group basis. By department, hierarchy or region - you decide which groups you want to compare. We show how vulnerable individual employee groups are to phishing attacks and thereby make it possible to plan further measures.

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