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AKTUELL: Professionelles Phishing im Online-Banking-Bereich

Reading time: 2 Immer wieder erhalten User von Online-Banking Angeboten professionell aufgezogene Phishing-E-Mails. Dabei lernen die Cyberkriminellen stets dazu und schaffen es so, die Login-Daten ihrer Opfer in vielen Fällen abzugreifen.

Security Awareness

Privacy Shield Chaos – Wie Sie dennoch korrekt agieren

Reading time: 2 Mit Inkrafttreten der DSGVO in 2016 stand für viele Unternehmerinnen und Unternehmer die Welt Kopf. Welche Regeln galt und gilt es bis heute zu beachten? Kaum kehrte etwas Ruhe um die Datenschutzgrundverordnung ein, bereitete der Datendeal „Privacy Shield“ zwischen Europa und den USA Kopfzerbrechen. Wie sieht die Lage heute aus?

Awareness kommunizieren - doch wie wird das gemacht?
Security Awareness

Wie sollte man ein Security-Awareness-Training kommunizieren?

Reading time: 3 Today, employees are an important factor in information security and require appropriate training. But how do you communicate training measures and security awareness campaigns that could be critically evaluated at first glance because of employee privacy?


IT- Seal's CEO David Kelm on the latest release of LinkedIn profile data.

Reading time: 3 In mid-April, it became known that cyber criminals had read the profile data of half a billion LinkedIn users and were now offering them for sale online. What is interesting in this case is that this form of data retrieval, also known as data scraping, is not illegal and LinkedIn is therefore not declaring the incident to be a data leak in the strict sense.

David Kelm explains in the interview why the publication of this data can nevertheless have fatal consequences for companies and how they can protect themselves against social engineering attacks.

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Security Awareness

Central reporting office: Online Reporting of hate and incitement on the Internet

Reading time: < 1 IT-Seal is committed to a good coexistence and constructive interaction between all people. In this context, we point out in this article a possibility to defend oneself against hate and agitation on the Internet.

Social Engineering Corona

The most successful social engineering attacks of the Corona crisis 2020

Reading time: 3 Cyber criminals use every current event to increase their attack potential. Just when people's need is greatest, profit-oriented criminals sense their opportunity. The audacity that cybercriminals have displayed so far during the pandemic shows a new level of ruthlessness.

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